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Nigeria Is Worst Than A Zoo, Nnamdi KANU Was Very Polite In Describing This Entity – Charly Boy Speaks

Nnamdi Kanu was very polite to have called Nigeria zoo-Charly Boy

Popular entertainer, activist and musician, Charles Oputa AKA Charly Boy has said that the tagging of Nigeria as a zoo by the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is an understatement.

Oputa said that the use of the word zoo to compare Nigeria is rather too fair because Nigeria is worst that a zoo and has suddenly become an anarchical jungle where there are no laws and respect for lesser animals.

He made this disclosure in an exclusive interview on BBC Igbo of which the video is currently going viral online since two days ago.

In his words: “Nnamdi Kanu called Nigeria a zoo, but I’m saying that the zoo is better than the Nigeria that I’m seeing today.

“In the zoo, there are different sections and different cages meant for animals according to their sizes. There are also proper organization of things in the zoo as these animals are fed according to what they were naturally created to it.

“In the zoo, bigger animals don’t kill smaller powerless ones because, there’s security to protect every animal whether big or small.

“Compare that to Nigeria and you’ll see that the zoo is far more better. Nigeria is a jungle where bigger animals prey on the weaker ones who don’t know their rights. There’s no sacredness for anything anymore.

“Nigeria became a jungle because we all were busy watching as evil men, thieves and rogues took over every sector of this country and we sat and clap and cheer them on. I understand their games perfectly.

“They’ve used hunger to damage the thinking faculties of many Nigerians which has made it difficult for most people to think properly. These Nigerians who can’t reason anymore are those I call mumu Nigerians.

“Those holding this country to ransom are not up to 20 in number. Likewise, I also know that those who will save Nigeria are not also more than 20, but will be willing to stake their lives. If I add myself, we’ll probably say 19 persons.

“These evil and impunity going on cannot be sustained. This is why I’m calling on the youths to be vigilant! All these great grand fathers who should go and rest, but keep recycling themselves and struggling for political power with younger ones is not acceptable.

“It’s wrong. They should go and rest and allow fresher brains to make impact. The youths are the government not those thieves there. Yes, the Bible says many are called, but few are chosen.

“So, the youths with zeal should rise up. What’s the difference between 6 and half a dozen? Tell me the difference between Akara and Beans? APC and PDP are simply the same.”

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