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Now that the ban on Campaign has been lifted by INEC, I have seen so many posts of people saying they do not want to lose friends and relationships because of any politician or diverse political affiliations. For me, I want to lose every ties especially from those supporting people who don’t care about them. By the way, I don’t keep friends. I only have acquaintances.

When Saraki was in APC, Kwara State was ‘free’. But immediately he left, APC and Buhari realized that Kwara is in bondage and they must free her. Gandudollar remains a responsible man even after his bribery season film has reached its 6th episode.

Obanikoro was a thief in PDP but immediately he joined APC, he became a Saint and would even stand as witness against Fayose in a corruption case that involved both. He, in fact, as a major player.

4 of the Presidential aspirants who ran in 2018 PDP primaries in Port Harcourt – Saraki, Atiku, Tambuwal, Kwankwaso were also at the APC Lagos Convention in 2014. And you come here to tell me they are different and we should campaign ‘constructively’. With whom? How? Please keep that bullshit off my timeline.

If you have been my ‘friend’ on this space (Facebook) for 3 years, read all my long ‘epistles’- original and copied, followed all our protests against bad governance at all levels; protests that led to victories after we have been arrested, beaten, harassed and sent to Prison in condemnation- many times, we escape arrests in seconds and you still want to vote our tormentors, please use the ‘block’ button NOW.

I see your comments and how you like and applaud what we do especially when it is to your advantage, yet you want to vote for those who make us suffer and protest- PDP, APC and other anti-poor parties, so maybe we can continue ‘entertaining’ you with our protests, like Protest is what we do for a living. Please keep off this timeline NOW!

We ain’t friends.

However, there is still a window to convince me and the rest of the World of your candidates.

Are you supporting Buhari? Are you supporting Atiku? Can you defend them and their manifestoes in a Debate? If ‘Yes’, hit me up here not later than 25th of November 2018 so we can set the stage. It would be streamed live on all social media platforms for free.

Of course, you know I am supporting the programmatic agenda of the TakeItBack Movement convened by Omoyele Sowore, AAC Presidential Candidate.

Election for me is not a do-or-die affair. But that Nigeria must change for good is do-or-die.

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