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IPOB’s Call For Presidential Election Boycott Is Total Foolishness

By Charles Ogbu

It is the height of conscientious foolishness bordering on the fringes of lunacy for proponents of election boycott to be mocking those who simply wish to vote out a man who has brought unimaginable tragedy on us all.

It is even more foolish when they base their mockery on the assumption that Buhari has perfected plans to rig the election.

Even if it is confirmed beyond every reasonable doubt that the Daura herdsmAn will rig himself back into office, it will still be a very dumb move for those whose only strategy is to sit back and do absolutely nothing, which is what election boycott means, to be mocking those who wish to try, even if they may not succeed.

See eh, let’s stop this misguided arrogance and empty chest beating. No one has a fool-proof means of stopping Buhari’s naked tyranny if he returns and no one is immune to it.

“We Are All Casualties”

When the Fulani militia herdsmen come calling with their festival of death, they won’t distinguish between those who voted and those who didn’t vote. When the python dances, it dances on both camp. In Anambra state, you are not exempted from the policies of Governor Willie Obiano simply because you boycotted the election that produced him. So what is the gloating for???

Will the unjust terrorist tag on you be lifted on Buhari’s second term just because you boycotted the election??? Will you be allowed to hold peaceful street protest without being arrested and shot just because you didn’t vote in the election.

So I ask again, what exactly is the gloating and mockery for????

As long as you have not deviced a sure proof WORKABLE strategy to either stop Buhari from returning this February or immune yourself from his devilish policies, you have not earned the right to mock people who want to vote against the Tyrant even if their vote won’t count.

You guys really need to quit basking in the euphoria of a deceitful sense of superior knowledge. Telling us that Buhari will rig the poll using INEC and the security agencies doesn’t make you a Nostradamus neither does it make you a person of higher intellect. Even Muna, my neighbor’s goat knows a heartless vindictive ex-treasonous Dictator will do everything to retain power

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