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Coronavirus: President eases lockdown, to open mosques on Monday

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has announced that mosques would reopen across large parts of the country on Monday as lockdown in the country eases.

The President ordered closure of mosques earlier in March as coronavirus broke out in the country.

Rouhani disclosed that 132 counties, around one third of the country’s administrative divisions, would reopen their mosques on Monday.

“Praying in mosques is only “recommended as safety measures will be obligatory.

“The targeted counties to be opened are “low-risk”, Rouhani said in a televised meeting of the country’s virus taskforce.

Iran has recorded 6,150 deaths and 96,440 confirmed cases since its first cases in mid-February.

“Hospital visits over potential infections are lower compared to recent weeks. Only “high-risk” businesses like gyms and barbershops remain closed.

“We will continue the reopenings calmly and gradually,” Rouhani said.

He, however, warned that Iran should prepare for “bad scenarios” too, saying “this situation may continue into the summer”.

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