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2023: Where Tinubu got it wrong with the Yorubas

It is no longer a news, that the former Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is one of the prominent leaders, who is gunning for the 2023 Presidential ambition. This is obvious, with his supporters, who have started setting up campaign offices across the country, and reaching out to other politicians for support.

Tinubu served Lagos State, as a Governor, from 1999 to 2007. During these periods, he was more focused on building his political dynasty, unlike other Yoruba leaders like, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Pa Abraham Adesanya, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Pa Reuben and other notable Yoruba leaders, who puts the regional agenda first, above their political ambition.

It is important to state that, there cannot be purposeful push for a regional interest without first laying hold on political power. For instance, those who are pushing for restructuring of the socio political and economic development of Nigeria, are not saying how it will be achieved, bearing in mind that, there must be hold on constitutional power.

Tinubu, has been a pro his ambition, than being a pro Yoruba in all his political life, since the day he entered as a member of NADECO. Leaders in the defunct NADECO, didn’t see it on time, that Bola Tinubu joined them, just for him to ride on the platform, to achieve his own political goals. It was late, before many of them could see through his deceptive script.

During the primaries, that threw Bola Tinubu up as the candidate of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) in 1999, that later won the election, most of the leaders that supported him, were his first casualties in his power game. His focus was not to use his political power to advance the cause of the Yorubas, but to build his dynasty.

Tinubu, believes in the power of money, and believes so much that he can achieve some certain things by the time, he uses his money to influence whatever he wants, but, he is making a big mistake about this.

Bola Tinubu’s Presidential Ambition.

There have been speculations about the Presidential ambition of Bola Tinubu across the country, barely few months after the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari, was sworn in on May 29th 2019, that news began to emerge that, Tinubu has started positioning himself to take over from Buhari, under their party, APC, in 2023. The issue with this is that, Tinubu and his people started flying this narrative, as against what should be, which is the zoning arrangement, that favours the people of the South Eastern Nigeria, the Igbos.

To hit up polity, and set the Igbos against the Yorubas, since he is really not a pro-Yoruba but, a hustler for his political ambition. The Yoruba people across the country and beyond, elected Prof. Banji Akintoye, a professor of history, as its leader.

Akintoye, have started rallying the Yoruba people together, under the umbrella of the Yoruba World Congress (YWC), and he has so far set up executive members and committees, comprising of notable sons and daughters of Yoruba soil, that will help him, in the discharge of his duties.

Bola Tinubu, as a sneaky man, who enjoys to use divide and rule, have reportedly started reaching out to some prominent members of Akintoye’s led YWC, in his bid to infiltrate them, the same way he destroyed the NADECO’s AD, because of his Presidential ambition. The reason why Tinubu is taking this route is because, according to those closer to him, is to make Nigerians, to have the feeling and believe that Yorubas, are behind his Presidential ambition, which is not true.

Yoruba people, are people with discipline, respect and does not condone anything that will tarnish their reputations. Recently, a petition was sent to the EFCC, over the brazen display of affluence, by Bola Tinubu, calling for the investigation into the source of the money, bullion vans took to his private residence in Ikoyi, on an even to the Presidential election. Yoruba people will not for any reason, trade their dignity for such a disastrous journey and ambition, that will end up making them to look like a joke to other sections of the Nigerian communities.

Since Bola Tinubu became a prominent political figure in the South Western Nigeria, there is absolutely nothing in specific, one can point to, that he has done for the advancement of the Yoruba race, aside from imposition of his cronies in various States as governors. Yoruba people are not seeing his Presidential ambition, as something they can be joyous about, because when he was a governor, and political leader, all his focus has been on how to advance his political hold on the region and nothing more.

Unlike his counterparts in the Northern Nigeria, their political leaders have regional agenda they constantly push, to favor their people. If you go to most of the big public organizations in the country today, you will realize that, key offices are manned by people from Northern Nigeria for instance, the reason is that, their leaders have focus, they don’t only gain power because of themselves alone, but to create advancement of their region and their people.

In Lagos, the highest number of people produced are thugs, who they use to harass citizens, perpetrate electoral violence, snatch ballot boxes and other vices. However, in the same State, go to the NNPC, Nigerian port authority, Customs and others, you will see many non Yorubas, who occupied the biggest offices, while Bola Tinubu will prefer the Yorubas, to remain as thugs on the streets, so that he can always use them to advance his political ambition.

I am not against his ambition as a Yoruba man, but, he must not set the Yorubas against the Igbos, who are clamouring that it is their turn to govern.

Lastly, I will like to implore the Yoruba leaders, especially the OPC, YWC and other pan-yoruba groups and movements, to be careful and be weary of his ambition, to avoid what will set them against other fellow Southerners from South East and South South.

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