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2019 debate: Nobody can decide for Buhari – Keyamo declares

Festus Keyamo declares that it will not be an individual decision for Muhammadu Buhari to attend a presidential debate – Keyamo says Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya did not attend the presidential debate in his country, yet he won the election – The campaign spokesperson says President Buhari had taking part in debates before and cannot be camera shy A senior lawyer and spokesperson of the Muhammadu Buhari Campaign Organisation, Festus Keyamo, on Monday, November 26, declared that the president will only partake in the planned debate ahead of 2019 through a collective decision.
Keyamo reportedly argued that President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya did not debate during the country’s election, yet he won. The Cable which said it monitored an interview session Keyamo had on Arise TV, added that the spokesperson of the campaign said it is Buhari’s war room that would decide if he should attend the debate since it is going to be a collective decision.
“In the past, Buhari has taken active part in televised debate, so nobody can argue that he is somebody who is camera shy. “So the decision, whether he would take part this time must be a collective decision of the entire ‘war room’. Giving, for example, those who are organising it and all the circumstances taken into consideration. “I do take as a basic rule that the Nigerian people must hear from their candidates, but the decision as to yes or no cannot be my sole decision. “The advice will be a collective decision, it is not my advise alone. Don’t forget that you cannot take these things in isolation of the circumstances.
“For instance, it happened in Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta refused to take part in debate December last year. Why? He felt the process was skewed. “At times, some things are designed and you know that they are core people there, who are hostile to government or who are hostile to your candidate as the case may be. “Either way, Uhuru Kenyatta did not take part in the debate, but he won. He won resoundingly. So, as important as that is, at times the people may also understand,” he said.
He further illustrated with the recently held Osun election saying while the debate went on, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) danced his way to 250,000 votes. He said: “Look at Osun state recently, I mean, there was a neck-to-neck race and the candidate of the PDP ran away, he was only dancing, and dancing took him to over 250,000 votes, almost becoming governor.”
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